US advises Israel on invasion of Gaza, Will Israel listen?

WASHINGTON —  Each time U.S. military and diplomatic officials asked their Israeli counterparts in recent days what the endgame was as warplanes bombarded the Gaza Strip, the Israelis said, “Not now.” The time was now to crush the Hamas militant group that made Oct. 7 the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust and figure out … Read more

The Art of Gambling and Winning at a Casino

Ever heard of someone getting lucky and making a fortune at a casino? Well, for some it’s just get luck while for others it’s all an art. There are first timers who go in win and think that that their luck is enough but that’s not the case in most of the scenarios because casinos … Read more

World War III – It’s Inevitable

  COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; It is safe to say that nobody can hold a light to Socrates. Nobody has forecast war three years in advance as you did in 2011. Nobody has predicted a Middle East War in advance as you did two years ago. Even your posts on Turkey and its conflict with NATO, … Read more

Delhi men and Maharashtra women win gold

Panaji: The men from Delhi and women from Maharashtra emerged as champions to win the team championships gold in the table tennis events at the Campal Indoor Stadium today. Delhi beat West Bengal 3-1, as did Maharashtra against Haryana in their final with an identical scoreline. Both had finished with a silver medal each … Read more