Kapuso stars, celebrities pay homage to Philippine folklore in Tim Yap’s Shake Rattle & Ball Halloween party

Tim Yap’s annual star-studded Halloween party dubbed “Shake Rattle & Ball” featured celebrities in their Philippine folklore-inspired outfits for a night of grotesque and spook. In Tuesday’s episode of “Unang Balita,” Tim said he wanted to spotlight Philippine folklore for this year’s ball to shed more light on our culture. “Lagi ang Halloween, laging Western, … Read more

How to Set Up and Use Hydra Bot on Discord

Hydra bot is a music bot with an intuitive reaction-based interface and a novel manner of displaying the currently playing song and queue. Hydra Bot on Discord is the bot to add if you’re seeking the most spectacular music bot to add to your discord server. Hydra Bot connects your server to other music-playing apps … Read more

Biden’s NIH nominee set to advance with GOP votes, but not Bernie Sanders’

Seven of the panel’s 10 Democrats, Patty Murray (D-Wash.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Tina Smith (D-Minn.), Bob Casey (D-Pa.), Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.), have stated their support publicly. If at least two of the other three Democrats join them — fewer if more Republicans vote aye — Bertagnolli will advance, … Read more

The Diplomatic Off-Ramp After Israel’s Invasion of Gaza

As we enter into the fourth week of the Israel-Hamas war, a clear endgame for the war Israel launched in retaliation for the massacre of October 7 remains elusive. The absence of well-defined Israeli goals may have been understandable at the initial stages of the war given the enormous shock at Hamas’s ability to perpetrate … Read more

New data show that access to paid sick days remains vastly unequal: Amid federal inaction, 61% of low-wage workers are without paid sick days

The spike in child poverty highlighted in the latest Census release illustrated the consequences of allowing crucial government provisions to expire. Although less discussed, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act—a tax credit incentivizing employers to provide sick leave—was another important government provision that expired two years ago. Few policymakers seem intent on renewing it, though some … Read more

DeSantis is forced to explain his choices in footwear

With his Presidential campaign floundering so hard that even sketchy international arms shipments aren’t getting him any attention, Florida’s fascism-friendly Governor Ron DeSantis, found himself forced to talk about his choices in footwear. Numerous sources on Social Media have drawn theories about DeSantis’s odd gait and weird physical stance and posit these can only be … Read more

Overcoming FOMO – The Culture Project

Imagine this: you have some free time and you don’t have anything planned. It’s kind of a dull moment and you wonder what other people are up to. Suddenly, you go onto social media and all you see is post after post of all your peers doing fun things. They all look like they’re having … Read more