Guess which 4 areas of the country will soon become “climate havens” (according to a report) –

Today is Earth Day, which means climate change scaremongering is being called up again until eleven and beyond. President Biden turned on Air Force One today to travel and serve alerts on the existential threat from burning fossil fuels, and there is also a report on which areas of the country could ultimately be “climate havens”:

Someone really believes it this?

The state of New York is home to some of the snowiest cities on the planet. Heavy lake-effect snow often covers Buffalo along the shore of Lake Erie.

“We will have much milder winters and much more rainfall,” said Brendan Mehaffy, executive director of the Buffalo Office of Strategic Planning.

It is not a marketing slogan, but a reality about climate change.
“It could accelerate quite quickly and I don’t think we as a country are prepared for those changes that we might see,” said Nicholas Rajkovich, professor of architecture at the University of Buffalo.

In some parts of the United States it will be difficult to live, triggering large-scale climate migration and pushing people north to the potential climate havens of Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, and Duluth, Minnesota.

Oh please.If anything we’re seeing the opposite:

As usual, such stories have a title that makes it seem like it’s really happening, while the story is loaded with words like “might”, “might”, “if” and others.

Were they ever right about anything?

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