Florida congressional candidate threatens cop to stop him – “You know who I am, right?” -and she questions her ethnicity

Martin Hyde, a Republican candidate for Congress in Florida, he is so confident in his power that he openly threatens a cop who stops him for speeding …nach she warns him that her bodycam is on.

“I’ll just call your boss. You know who I am, right? You will? Big mistake. You’re making career decisions.”

Jacob Ogles reports:

Immediately after being stopped, Beskin in the video walks up to the window of Hyde’s vehicle and tells him why he stopped him. He had tagged Hyde that he drove at 57mph in a 30mph zone.

“You don’t need to point me out, officer,” Hyde tells Beskin. “I’ll just call the boss. You know who I am, right?”

Beskin says yes, and later in the video he is seen privately speaking his name to send.

“The driver is extremely uncooperative,” he says. “Martin Hyde. I just gave him three tickets.”

Hyde during the stop does not only allude to the recall Rex Trochebut he says he will call Marlon Brown, the municipal administrator, and then the mayor. At one point he asks “Is it your Russian immigrant status that makes you talk to people like this?” Beskin is originally from Latvia and speaks both Russian and English.

He apologized once the footage started making him famous and said “he never meant to literally call the police chief, and he said it’s just a phrase he says in times of conflict.”

Perhaps Sarasota Police Chief Rex Troche can explain why a would-be local congressman has a habit of making threats to call him in “times of conflict.”