Marjorie Taylor Greene changes her story by 1/6 in a disastrous court hearing

While under oath and facing the possibility of being kicked out of the ballot, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene is changing her story to 1/6.

Video of Greene proving he just wanted a peaceful protest:

Greene later couldn’t remember his own tweets:

Here is the exchange:

Q: I’m looking at the – yes, this upper half. Miss Greene, this is a tweet she sent on January 2, 2021, right?

Greene: I’m not sure.

D: OK. Don’t you remember?

Greene: I don’t remember tweeting it, no.

D: OK. You can put it aside. Well, let many ask this question. Someone tweeted stuff like that on your Twitter account, someone in January 2021 tweeted stuff on your Twitter account without your permission?

Greene: What day?

Q: Anytime from November 2020 to January 6th?

Greene: I don’t remember. It is difficult to answer.

D: OK. You’d be surprised if someone entered your Twitter account and tweeted something without your permission, right?

Greene: Well, nobody tweeted anything without my permission. I just don’t remember who tweeted what.

Greene filled up with Trump and pretended not to know people he knows like Ali Alexander:

The hearing was a disaster for Greene, who is making his best impression on Donald Trump and pretending he doesn’t know people or even can’t remember his own tweets.

Rep Greene is trying to avoid any accountability role in the insurgency. He changed his history and he conveniently forgot the details.

Greene could survive the hearing and stay in the ballot, but he looks guilty and the 1/6 Committee should pay attention.