Fake Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Shares Fake Concerns About ‘Parental Rights’ With Her Fox News Buddies

Known homophobe Tulsi Gabbard had mostly closeted her contempt for the LGTBQ community when she was running for the Democratic presidential nomination. After her sham campaign ended and she left Congress, she’s officially out and shameless. She declared her support for Florida’s repulsive anti-gay legislation last week.

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What was especially sickening was how Gabbard co-opted pro-gay rhetoric from the past: “Now, government has no place in our personal lives, government has no place in our bedrooms.” She added: “Parents are the ones responsible for raising their kids and instilling in them a moral foundation, not the government.”

Of course, she doesn’t condemn Republicans who’ve passed laws banning gender affirming care for children, even with their parents’ approval. The Florida Department of Health, under the inept ministrations of Joseph Ladapo, passed similarly cruel guidance today. These are also “parental rights’ issues,” but it’s obvious that Republicans only care about the rights of bigots to be assholes to kids.

Gabbard is a regular esteemed guest on “Tucker Carlson’s White Nationalist Playhouse,” but she also appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night for a Democrat-bashing session. Fox News still identifies her as “Democrat” when she’s more like one of those “double agent” Transformers that not a true Autobot or Decepticon. It just goes where the money is.

“I’m not a political pundit,” Gabbard told Hannity, adopting that “I’m just a simple country Russian asset” spiel that we all love. “But I can say very clearly that I support [the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill] that passed in Florida and I think frankly it probably didn’t go far enough.”

That’s right. Gabbard thinks Florida’s anti-LGBTQ legislation should “protect” all children from kindergarten through high school, when some are already driving and even eligible to vote. Their heads might still explode if they learn that queer people exist.

When Hannity asked her how far she was prepared to extend the bill, Gabbard sputtered a bit and said, “I don’t know … 12th grade? How do you determine this?” Lady, you’re the bigot. You tell us. At least make the effort to come up with some fake science when you’re oppressing queer people.

Hannity insisted that the parents should handle how and when their kids learn that queer people are human, which isn’t actually how these bills are playing out. It’s one random asshole who throws a fit.


“What is the role of government?” Gabbard opined, “What is the role of these schools? It’s to teach reading, writing, civics, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, math …” But what’s this about “civics,” which actually means the “rights and duties of citizenship”? Like that our Supreme Court has determined, at least temporarily, that gay people may exist and even marry? Well, it’s a good thing for Tulsi Gabbard’s conception of appropriate things to learn in school that SCOTUS will probably overturn it.

Once she’d run of out of random education subjects, Gabbard insisted that “school shouldn’t get in the way of parents raising their kids and imparting their values to them.”

But what if a parent thinks the Constitution is trash? Look, Gabbard is a smarmy, dishonest bigot. There is not a single school in Florida or the most “woke” zip code in America where kids aren’t learning to read and write but instead watching bizarre videos from the Ted Cruz collection where Mickey Mouse fucks his own dog.


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