Jamie Dornan criticizes the backlash from fans over casting decisions

IRISH Actor Jamie Dornan recently targeted fans who harbor prejudices about actors cast for certain roles and who give their performances the worst, even before filming begins.

Dornan himself is well aware of the toxic nature of such actions, having been the target of the trolls in the fan backlash that accompanied his announcement as Christian Gray in 2015. Fifty Shades of Gray. Much of the vitriol has focused on the #NotMyChristian hashtag movement online, only to fade once the film premieres and Dornan has become one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, taking the franchise to a box office of 1.32. billions of dollars (5.6 billion RM) worldwide.

Recently, in an interview with squire magazine, talked about such reactions to high-profile casting announcements, saying, “It’s a disease in our entire culture. In my work, sure. But in general, people are going to hurt people based on something really fucked up, and that’s very sad. “

Fans are not happy with some casting decisions in the movies is nothing new. Dornan pointed out two other cases of fan backlash during the interview.

“Watch the reaction when Rob [Pattinson] was cast as Batman. He was like 90% negative, “he said.” Daniel Craig was cast to play James Bond, I mean he was 100% negative. He was vile what it said. He was really creepy when you see [the] Poisonous anger people feel over casting decisions. And then she guess what? Daniel Craig [is] bright, and changes the entire energy of Bond.

“And all the naysayers love what Rob did with Batman.”

Dornan previously said that the backlash he suffered has soured his interest in Hollywood. Since then, she has worked mainly in independent television series and films. He most recently appeared in Kenneth Branagh’s Oscar-winning film Belfastwhere he played an Irish working-class father.