Salesforce hiring in South Africa – including home office jobs

US cloud-based software company Salesforce is offering 11 home office positions for tech-savvy employees, account managers and managers in South Africa.

The positions became vacant after the company recently appointed its first South Africa-based executives, Zuko Mdwaba as Head of Sales and Linda Saunders as Head of Solution Engineering.

Given their appointments, Robin Fisher, Salesforce’s senior area vice president for emerging markets, said Africa has a rich talent pool.

“We intend to work closely with our partners and local institutions on programs that provide skills and employment opportunities to meet the continent’s high demand for Salesforce skills while recognizing Africa’s potential as a global talent hub,” said Fisher.

Salesforce plans to expand in South Africa because it is the country’s “fast developing young market”.

The company specializes in customer relationship management, marketing automation, analytics and application development software.

The IDC estimates that the company could create 31,800 new jobs and generate R77 billion in new revenue between 2020 and 2026 in South Africa.

the List of Professions includes opportunities for solution engineers and architects, account managers, and managers.

All positions available to South Africans are for remote work.

The table below shows the available positions at Salesforce in South Africa.

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