Counsellor reveals signs of narcissistic personality disorder

Convinced there’s something seriously wrong with your boss? You might be right – and these seven signs could prove it.

While “narcissist” is a term that gets used a lot these days, a counsellor has shared some actual signs that she sees in people suffering from the mental health condition narcissistic personality disorder.

A person can only be legitimately diagnosed by seeing a mental health professional, but there are some things to watch out for in yourself and those around you that are red flags for narcissistic tendencies.

There are no real medical tests to diagnose narcissism, so diagnoses have to be made by looking at patients’ behaviours, reactions and attitudes, The Sun reports.

Dr Lisa Webb, CEO of Body & Mind Consulting and chief relationship officer at Executive Relationship Adviser, has pointed out seven signs that she frequently sees in people with narcissism.

Possessing a need for control and perfection

Narcissists think that everything around them and everything they do should be perfect.

If things don’t happen as they are expecting, they often become very dissatisfied.

Acting like rules don’t apply to you

Narcissists often see the world as black and white, with no shades of grey.

They have to do everything their own way and be in control of everything, no matter the understood norms.

Lacking responsibility and deflecting blame

While narcissists insist on being in control of everything, they are very quick to pass off blame on others when things go wrong.

If they feel less than perfect, they will claim everyone else is at fault for the situation.

Lack of empathy

Narcissists are often selfish, and they feel no remorse for their actions.

They have trouble empathising with the feelings and emotions of those around them, insisting everything is about them

When someone only wants to talk about themselves and becomes angry or distracted when you try and get a word in, they could be a narcissist.

They also tend to make big decisions, such as buying an expensive luxury item, without thinking about or consulting anyone else.

They are often impulsive as well, always looking for the next thing that will fulfil their needs.

Always needing attention

The narcissist needs people telling them that they love them or approve of them constantly.

They need constant praise.

Cannot be vulnerable

Narcissists often cannot connect with people on an emotional level, or feel love beyond the surface.

Taking any criticism too personally

Narcissists can become angry over all criticisms, and they don’t want to learn or grow from feedback.

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