What Kyrsten’s Sinema’s Deal Means

Punchbowl News: “Needless to say, this is an enormous moment for Democrats, especially Schumer, who’s overseen this process from the beginning. Despite sometimes heavy criticism of the New York Democrat’s style, Schumer has led his senators to this point. In another few days – and a bunch of votes – Schumer could get his biggest win as Democratic leader.”

“For Biden, this is more good news. The president’s poll numbers are still bad. But despite his party’s thin margin of control, Biden and Democratic leaders in Congress have gotten a ton of bipartisan wins. They have passed an infrastructure bill, gun control, CHIPS Plus, the PACT Act for veterans and confirmed a Supreme Court justice. Passing this reconciliation package provides another boost to Democratic incumbents and counters some of the GOP attacks on inflation and the economy.”

“For Sinema, this may undercut some of the attacks from the left following the bitter controversies earlier this year over the filibuster and voting rights. Progressives will never love her, and Sinema’s insistence on removing the carried interest provision has reignited criticism. Sinema, though, is voting with Schumer and Biden on the most important Democratic legislative proposal of this Congress.”

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