The 1/6 Committee Just Got A Windfall Of Evidence As Alex Jones’s Phone To Be Turned Over

The 1/6 Committee will immediately receive the phone of Alex Jones after a judge denied his motion to keep law enforcement from getting it.

Attorney Mark Bankston said:

The judge denied the motion from Alex Jones’s lawyer to make sure that no one ever gets the phone, so the 1/6 Committee is about to get a whole of evidence relating to the 1/6 attack, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, and possibly others.

The phone is going to be such a bounty of evidence that it is almost certain to be useful to the Justice Department in its seditious conspiracy cases.

This chain of dominos was set into motion because Alex Stone defamed Sandy Hook families, and those family members fought back. Without the Sandy Hook lawsuits, the phone would not have been mistakenly turned over to Bankston, who would not be able to give it to law enforcement and the 1/6 Committee.

Bankruptcy might be the least of Alex Jones’s problems. If the evidence on his phone lives up to Jones’s claims, there might be enough there for criminal charges and convictions.

In an indirect way, the Sandy Hook families could topple Donald Trump and his crime network.