Streamer-Oriented Microphones : Maono PD400X

The Maono PD400X microphone has been designed specifically to cater to the needs of content creators and streamers. Because of this, it comes equipped with dual USB XLR connectivity, a dynamic capsule, programmable software, and ultrawide frequency response.

Other standout features of the versatile new mic include three-in-one controls, tap-to-mute functionalities, a cardio polar pattern, and an exceptionally high sample rate. For those interested, shipping of the product is set for October 2022.

“While competitive products require mastery of several knobs, Maono includes an ingenious 3-in-one control knob! Our innovative digital control knob does it all– microphone gain, headphone volume and monitor mix. Users love how easy it is to quickly achieve the results they’re looking for,” said the company in its Kickstarter campaign.

Image Credit: Maono