Liz Truss will be an awful UK prime minister. Here’s 39 reasons why

Conservative Liz Truss is likely to be the UK’s next prime minister. There’s no shortage of reasons why this would be a terrible outcome.

Conservative Liz Truss (Image: AAP/Henry Nicholls/PA Wire)

Liz Truss has — at the time of writing — more than a 90% chance of being the UK’s next prime minister, according to implied probability from UK betting markets.

For those who have hoped fervently for the downfall of Boris Johnson, the possibility may feel something like a monkey paw curling one of its fingers. Rishi Sunak, the rival contender, is hardly a dream candidate, flailing as he is between any policy he thinks might turn the odds in his favour, U-turns be damned. But Truss has the potential to be a prime minister who makes the Johnson era look like one of calm stability.

How is Liz Truss less than suitable to be prime minister? Let’s count the ways…

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