‘What are y’all doing?’ Sen. Ted Cruz asks FBI director to explain why Gadsden & Betsy Ross flags are ‘indicative of militia violent extremism’

FBI Director Christopher Wray is testifying today before the Senate Judiciary Committee. During questioning, senators have asked Director Wray about issues such as what the FBI considers “domestic extremism,” threats of violence against SCOTUS justices over political issues, investigations into “Russia collusion” along with Hunter Biden as well as border insecurity.

Democrat Sen. Sheldon White House then asked Director Wray about — you guessed it — investigating Brett Kavanaugh. But Texas Sen. Ted Cruz got things back on track with a line of questioning about what symbols the FBI might consider signs of potential violent domestic extremism:

Wray then answered the question… sort of:

That was certainly somewhat of a non-answer answer, but Cruz made an important point and hopefully will follow up on that with Director Wray.



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