Soccer Mommy Shares Simlish Version of ‘Shotgun’

Soccer Mommy has shared a Simlish version of ‘Shotgun’, the lead single from her latest album Sometimes, Forever. The track, dubbed ‘Shootbleng’, appears in the new The Sims™ 4 High School Years Expansion Pack. Check out Veronica Kocy‘s video for it below.

“Can’t believe u can hear shootbleng (aka shotgun) in sims now,” Sophie Allison wrote on social media. “My life has truly come full circle.”

Sometimes, Forever, Soccer Mommy’s third studio album, arrived earlier this year.
Hovvdy also contributed to the new Sims expansion pack, translating their song ‘Ruby’ song for the game. Japanese Breakfast, Lucy Dacus, and more have recorded Simlish versions of songs in recent years.