Defense Department And Army Texts From Jan. 6 Also Deleted? Cool.

Wonkette has been closely following the curious case of the missing Secret Service January 6 texts, the ones they appear to have deleted approximately five minutes after the Capitol riot concluded. Or maybe the Secret Service only sent one text during that time, the one they produced for the House January 6 Select Committee, the one that said “Netflix and coup?” (ALLEGEDLY.)

TIME MACHINE TO LAST WEEK! Secret Service Deleted Texts Five Minutes After Capitol Riot? Seriously, WTF?

And golly, all of this is just everyone’s fault and no one’s fault all at once, but there definitely is not a coverup, no sir, don’t you even say words like that. It was an accident! It was totally normal protocol! It was a few bad apples! It was right after the Department of Homeland Security got a letter from Congress telling them to please preserve all texts and other documents related to the terrorist attack Donald Trump incited on American soil.

HOW LEGAL AND COOL? VERY! Secret Service Says It’s Very Cool, Very Legal For Agents To Delete All Their Texts

Shockingly, it seems like this little problem — is it too soon to suggest that they just reflexively deleted records to cover up whatever anti-American crimes they committed for Donald Trump, allegedly? — might have been endemic to the whole Trump DHS, with illegally appointed Acting Chief Chad Wolf and its Acting Deputy Secretary Ken “Cooch” Cuccinelli at the helm. Imagine that. Chad Wolf hiding things that make Trump look bad, even if they involve attacks on America? No he never!

SO MUCH ILLEGAL! Will Secret Service Go To Email Jail Over Missing Jan. 6 Texts? GOP Strangely Silent On This One!

Judge Tells Acting Chad To Go Hang

Acting DHS Head Chad Wolf Buried Memo On Russian Election Interference To Help Trump. Yeah, Don’t Faint.

But look at us talking about the Secret Service and DHS, when there’s a whole different building in DC where all the January 6 texts have magically disappeared. It is called the Pentagon, and surprise, it was also run by ball-sucking Trump sycophants on January 6.

GOOD GOD WONKETTE SO MANY LINKS. Doing Coups? Destroying Evidence? WTF Is Trump’s Boy Band Of Idiots Up To?

Uh oh, sketti-oh, where did the texts from all Trump’s ball-suckers from the Pentagon go?

The acknowledgment that the phones from the Pentagon officials had been wiped was first revealed in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit American Oversight brought against the Defense Department and the Army. The watchdog group is seeking January 6 records from former acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, former chief of staff Kash Patel, and former Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, among other prominent Pentagon officials – having filed initial FOIA requests just a few days after the Capitol attack.

Miller, Patel and McCarthy have all been viewed as crucial witnesses for understanding government’s response to the January 6 Capitol assault and former President Donald Trump’s reaction to the breach. All three were involved in the Defense Department’s response to sending National Guard troops to the US Capitol as the riot was unfolding. There is no suggestion that the officials themselves erased the records.

We are sure everything is on the up and up, especially when you see this in context of how Trump shoehorned all those morons, including Kash Patel, Devin Nunes’s former clown boy, into Pentagon leadership just after he lost the election.

CNN reports that Paul Ney, who was general counsel for the Defense Department, told them he turned his phone in like normal at the end of the administration, and he certainly didn’t wipe it himself, and he has no idea what happened to it after that. And government lawyers reportedly have said in filings that this is all just routine stuff, that when people leave those agencies, their phones get wiped.

On the other hand:

A former Defense Department official from a previous administration told CNN that it is ingrained into new hires during their onboarding that their work devices were subject to the Presidential Records Act and indicated their communications would be archived. The source said it was assumed when they turned in their devices at the end of their employment, any communication records would be archived.

So maybe that is not what happens.

On November 10 of 2020, back when the January 6 attacks were just an unborn baby in Trump’s anal cavity, Wonkette wondered aloud why Trump was shoehorning a particular band of idiots, including Patel, into Pentagon leadership. We asked if Trump was purging everybody with the vaguest modicum of a sense of the oath they swore, in order to replace them with people who’d help him stay in power.

We also asked if Trump was desperately sticking loyalist morons into agencies to try to find and destroy incriminating evidence against him.

And we still don’t know the answer to those questions. But damn, these new revelations sure as hell look terrible, especially when you consider that we’re talking about all communications surrounding Donald Trump’s attempts to overthrow the American government and install himself as king, and the terrorist attack he basically ordered on the Legislative Branch and his own vice president.

Can’t imagine what kinds of things Defense Department texts might reveal about January 6. There certainly haven’t been a shitload of questions about what porns the Pentagon was masturbating to that day for three hours and 19 minutes while the Capitol was under siege, or what treason-weasel Michael Flynn’s brother Charles was doing in the room. (And by the way, he’s still there.)

HOW YOU LIVING, MICHAEL FLYNN’S BROTHER? Army Stopped National Guard From Rescuing Congress. What’s 3 Hours And 19 Minutes When You’re Under Attack?

Read the letter sent by American Oversight to Attorney General Merrick Garland, demanding an investigation. It’s hot fire. This scandal is going to get WAY worse, we reckon.


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