Noam Blum wipes the floor with John Fugelsang after Fugelsang tries to argue that killing Al Zawahiri was fine but killing Soleimani was not

It’s August 2, and al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri is still dead AF after being taken out in a CIA drone strike in Afghanistan.

Great news. You love to hear it.

John Fugelsang loves to hear it, too, but not for the same reason. No, what makes him really happy is that he can use Al Zawahiri’s death as an opportunity to shame the Trump administration for taking out murderous terrorist Qassem Soleimani:

Wow, John. You sure got Mark there!

Or not.

He doesn’t appear to, no. Perhaps someone would like to educate him.

Oh, hey! Here’s Noam Blum, aka @neontaster. Blum’s a pretty sharp guy who has a tendency to know what he’s talking about before he decides to start talking about it.

Let’s see if Blum can make any headway with Fugelsang, or if Fugelsang is dooming himself to a life of willful ignorance and being wrong about all the things:

Sometimes when you’re dealing with someone like John Fugelsang, colorful language is necessary in order to get the point across.


Yeah, John Fugelsang would never stoop to mocking someone’s last name. He prefers to take the high road and joke about Republicans’ penis sizes, thank you very much.


Stop, Noam! Stop! He’s already dead!

OK, maybe just a little bit more …

Sure, John. Whatever you need to tell yourself, buddy.

If John Fugelsang didn’t make that meme, it’s arguably even cringier, because it means he’s sitting around waiting for his fan club to make those things. Who’s desperate for attention?

Needless to say, it appears that Blum’s attempt to get Fugelsang to see the light was unsuccessful. Fortunately, Blum still wiped the floor with him, and we got to watch, so it’s still a win.