Fox News So Mad At Joe Manchin Now, HOW VERY DARE HE!

Fox News is REALLY mad at Joe Manchin for being a Democrat who occasionally wrangles deals in backrooms with other Democrats, and they are especially mad at him for coming out in support of whatever Inflation Manchin Houseboat Better bill he negotiated with Chuck Schumer, so that he might receive maximum extra credit for supporting a bill that accomplishes things that are part of the agenda of the president, who is in the same party as he is.

INFLATION MANCHIN HOUSEBOAT BETTER! Suddenly Joe Manchin’s Playing Ball On Climate, Healthcare, Taxes?

Manchin was on with Fox News’s Harris Faulkner this morning, because when you want hi-LAR-ious fake sincere outrage from one of the daytime anchors, she’s good at that. She will just read her propaganda talking points like a real live journalist, like that time Arkansas GOP Senator Tom Cotton put on a plaid skirt and a big shiny red nose and did a clown square dancer routine in AG Merrick Garland’s general direction, accusing Garland of believing conservative parents are “domestic terrorists.”

THAT FUCKIN GUY! Fox News, GOP Senators Blew Propaganda Up Each Other’s Bottoms For Whole Merrick Garland Hearing, It Was Yuck

Faulkner told her viewers at the time, “you need to watch this,” calling it “riveting” and assuring the old grunting haysacks at home that Fox News was “isolating” all the most important clips from that day’s Garland hearing, like a real curator of the news, doing “analysis” of what is “important.”

So it was with this Manchin interview, where Faulkner got VERY mad at Manchin for interfering with the dissemination of whatever talking points came out of Rupert Murdoch’s big body holes this morning.

It starts normally enough. Manchin is like doodly-doodly-ooh, I am a person who cares about my constituents and only does things because I love America! Harris Faulkner replies by playing clips of punchable doucheface Peter Doocy spreading Republican lies at Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about how the Inflation Deflation bill raises taxes on people making under $400K per year.

And that just started them down the road to malarkey! “We gotta know the bottom line!” said Faulkner. Manchin told her the bottom line. He asked her to be accurate, and not be unfair. (On Fox News.)

Faulkner did not like any of his answers about corporate taxes. “This is the part that counts,” explains Harris Faulkner, who knows the parts that count. She continued: “I’m reading — AND I AM READING, SENATOR!” — because she reads! — that now people making under $400K per year are going to get a tax hike.

No, no, no, Joe Manchin explained. So she repeated as fact again that people making under $400K per year were going to have a tax hike. And Joe Manchin was DONE.

“That’s wrong, that’s wrong, that’s a LIE, that’s a PURE, OUTRIGHT LIE,” said Joe Manchin.

So credit to Joe Manchin for calling Fox News a liar to its face.

It continued:

“So their taxes are not going to go up,” Harris Faulkner verified. No, they will not. YOU LIE! said Manchin.

Manchin suggested maybe also gas prices might go down because of this bill, which led to the corny-ass exchange quoted in the tweet above. “Be optimistic! Be an American, Harris, be an American!”

So Faulkner decided to do more propaganda about the taxes. “I wanna hit that tax line again of $400,000, I gotta hit that,” said Harris Faulkner, who had to hit that, because she hadn’t hit it yet. Was Joe Manchin saying that such Never-Liars as Mitch McConnell were being misleading when they say the bill will raise taxes on people making under $400K? “Totally absolutely wrong,” said Joe Manchin, about integrity person Mitch McConnell.

To underline it, Manchin said, “the facts you have are completely wrong!”

Here is the part where Harris Faulkner got very angry like HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF DECENCY, SIR! and some other garbage.

Manchin asked if Faulkner, and by extension Fox News, we guess, is just scared that they came up with a bill that might actually help people. And Faulkner was GODDAMN pissed, because “My father served!” and “Service in the Bible!” and “that’s what we do, we serve our fellow man and woman!” and HOW VERY DARE YOU, JOE MANCHIN!

So Harris Faulkner asked Joe Manchin why he won’t help out his own Democratic Party, by (???) not fighting inflation, because Joe Biden is very unpopular, and (???). We don’t even think Faulkner knew which propaganda talking points she was saying at that point.

Millions of people in America think Fox News is “the news.” This is probably the single most significant reason why this country will proooooobably not be around for that many decades longer.

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