Ana Navarro calls issues like abortion and kids at drag shows part of ‘manufactured culture wars,’ sneers at parents worried about sexualization of kids

Did Ana Navarro ever officially renounce her past affiliation with the Republican Party or conservatism? We honestly can’t remember. There’s no mention of her politics in her Twitter bio, at least.

But it’s not like any of that really matters. Ana Navarro doesn’t need to explicitly tell us that she’s sold her soul to the Resistance for us to know that she’s sold her soul to the Resistance. She pretty much confirms it every single time she appears on “The View,” and today was no exception:


Also, the abortion debate is part of “manufactured culture wars”? Does that apply to the pro-choice/pro-abortion side, or is it just the case for pro-lifers? Abortion is very much a real culture wars issue, and if it shouldn’t be, that’s because the ethics of killing unborn kids for convenience’s sake shouldn’t really be something that people should be warring over.

But Navarro wasn’t finished. According to her, not only is abortion just part of “manufactured culture wars,” but so is the sexualization of young kids at drag shows:

Lots to unpack there. First of all, suggesting that opposition to Critical Race Theory education is opposition to kids being taught about slavery and “the true history of this country” is insanely disingenuous, because Critical Race Theory is not U.S. history; it’s racist indoctrination masquerading as education. Also, Navarro invoking parental rights with regards to masking in schools and Critical Race Theory seems weird considering her apparent belief that Ron DeSantis wanting to give parents the right to ensure that their young children aren’t being taught or indoctrinated about sexuality or being sexualized behind parents’ backs. What does Ana think about parents who don’t want drag queens coming into their kids’ classrooms? Are those parents’ parental rights less important?

And what’s with her suggestion that parents shouldn’t worry about their kids being sexualized at drag shows because that’s still better than their kid being shot to death? Two things can both be bad, Ana.

She doesn’t just suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome; she’s got straight-up derangement, period.



Ana Navarro’s comments about special needs people and abortion were too horrific for S.E. Cupp and others