New ABC ombudsman Fiona Cameron’s historical ties to Coalition

The political history of new ABC ombudsman Fiona Cameron is closely linked with the Coalition. Is there any basis for fears of political bias?

(Image: Private Media/LinkedIn)

Let’s see how this goes.

The ABC has stepped into a whole new realm with the appointment of an ombudsman, named last night as former media executive Fiona Cameron. The new role adds yet another layer of accountability when it comes to audience complaints. The bold step is that the inaugural appointee has no journalism record. How will this play out if and when Four Corners offends a hostile government? 

As it happens, the odds of that occurring have markedly reduced with the end of the perpetually aggressive Coalition government in Canberra, which had acted as a key ally for News Corporation in its never-ending mission to be rid of the public broadcaster for its own commercial ends. It is therefore possible that Cameron steps into the role when it is needed least.

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