Maiden speeches are the answer to desperate voters’ prayers

The first speeches of our newest federal politicians show just how different this Parliament might be.

Crossbench MPs Allegra Spender, Zoe Daniels, Kylea Tink, Zali Steggall, Monique Ryan, Dai Le, Sophie Scamps and Kate Chaney take the affirmation of allegiance (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

If you want to know what politics should be, it’s there in the first speeches delivered by Australia’s new federal politicians.

Across parties, and outside them, this class of taxpayer-funded MPs and senators has painted a telling picture of the impetus behind their decisions to run, and how they want to make a difference.

MPs often open up during their first speech to Parliament. But this time, more than previously, these speeches reflect the change that many newcomers are demanding from the big party systems, providing a new and welcome diversity. Their political tenure will depend on how determinedly they stick by their reasons for upending their safe jobs and lives to travel to Canberra and advocate for those they serve.

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