Markki Stroem to do full monty someday, as promised to a director

Actor-singer Markki Stroem has done love scenes with fellow actors and showed some skin, but he has never done a full monty all because he has reserved it for one director.

“Not because that I can’t do it but because it was a promise to direk Bobby Garcia that the first time that I will do it, it will be for him,” Stroem said during the online press conference for “Love At The End Of The World” last May 31.

Garcia is the founder of Atlantis Productions which is now known as Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group.

“I don’t know if it’s gonna happen anytime soon. But it’s something I kind of reserved for that,” he added.

That said, Stroem would like to keep his most private part a secret.

“At the end of the day, for me, essentially, when it comes to that, I have quote, unquote pride in my career because I don’t have scandals, I don’t have anything no one’s ever seen. No one’s ever seen it and that’s what makes people more interested because they’ve never seen it,” he explained. “They’re like why, show already, but they never actually, no one’s ever seen me fully naked yet.”

If there is one thing that he is proud of, it is his ability to showcase a different him in many roles he has played, be it in the movies or in theater.

Image: Instagram/@markkistroem

“I’ve done five different series and films. Lahat iba’t ibang characters, hindi lang [Boys’ Love]. That’s what I like to do. Binabali ko (I bend it). Kunwari ngayon (Just like now) LGBT role or drag queen. And then the next, sa (in) ‘Virgin Forest.’ I am a serial rapist of women,” he noted.

“And the next play naman will be someone na very wholesome. Gusto ko kasi iba’t ibang styles. Hindi mo alam ang mangyayari next which is what I want to build as an actor,” Stroem added.

(And the next [role] will be someone very wholesome. I want different styles. You would not know what will happen next, which is what I want to build as an actor.)

“Love at the End of the World” is a BL erotic suspense-drama series that explores the lives of four couples as they navigate through love, pain, forgiveness and redemption. It also stars Nico Loco, Gold Aceron, Kristoff Garcia, Rex Lantano, Elijah Filamor and Yam Mercado. JB


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