Firefighters In US Rescue Dog Stuck In Submerged Vehicle For 20 Minutes

The cause of the crash is still not known.

Rescue workers in the United States on Saturday saved a dog from a submerged vehicle. In a Facebook post, the Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Department in Currituck County in North Carolina said that they had responded to a call regarding an overturned vehicle in a canal. 

When the rescue workers arrived on the scene, they saw that a convertible sports car’s driver was out, however, the dog was still missing. Images released by the fire department show the damaged vehicle after a tow truck was called in to pull it out of the water. 

In the caption, the firefighters said that they decided to overturn the vehicle to look inside when they heard whimpers from the car. “We heard a whimpering sound in the car. Awesome teamwork to our volunteers and assistance from Lantz Towing. We immediately overturned the car to gain access,” the caption of the post read. 

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The car had been upside down and submerged in water for nearly 20 minutes. The rescue workers managed to save the dog from “under the dash floorboard, where there was an air pocket”. 

The pooch was rescued with no apparent injuries, the authorities said.

Internet users hailed the firefighters for their “great work”. One user wrote, “You’re all Hero Be Blessed now & Always. HAPPY the dog lived and not hurt,” while another said, “Saving lives, all lives, thank you to the real superheroes.” “Not all heroes wear capes,” added third. 

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The officials said that North Carolina Highway Patrol is now investigating the accident. The driver, on the other hand, has been taken to the detention centre. The cause of the crash is still not known.