The Titans Blew It With A.J. Brown

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)


The Tennessee Titans made the wrong move with wide receiver A.J. Brown.

They traded their young receiver to the Philadelphia Eagles, instead of paying him what he wanted.

While he got a huge four-year, $100 million contract extension in Philly, the Titans opted to draft a receiver to replace him.

However, that choice they made looks like it will haunt them.

Tennessee blew things with a receiver that had success with the team at a time where receivers were getting mega contracts.

Because they were unwilling to cough up the cash for Brown, they now have no veteran receivers that Ryan Tannehill has chemistry with.

So does this doom the Titans’ playoff future in 2022?


Titans Are Banking On Robert Woods And Derrick Henry In 2022

The Titans are putting their offensive hopes in the hands of Robert Woods and Derrick Henry for 2022.

Before they made their draft day trade of Brown to Philadelphia, they got Woods from the Los Angeles Rams.

Woods is a veteran receiver that Tennessee is banking on as a replacement for Brown.

However, in his nine-year NFL career, he’s only had two seasons of 1,000+ receiving yards.

In comparison, Brown had two 1,000+ receiving-yard seasons in his first two seasons as a Titan.

He’s also coming off an injury from last season that kept him out of games.

While that isn’t promising for Tennessee, they have Henry to help them as well.

His experience in the backfield has helped the Titans reach the playoffs three years in a row.

However, with him coming off an injury from last season, the pressure could be too much to handle.


Brown Feels Like He Was The Best Receiver Ever In Tennessee

With the Titans relying on two players who are coming off injuries, things could be tough for them.

However, they believe in those players to succeed this season.

But can those players help the Titans more than Brown would have in Tennessee?

With Henry, we know he is an elite back who shows no fear on the field.

He can help his team, but it will be hard with him coming off a foot surgery to keep performing at an elite level.

However, he is ok with shouldering that burden.

But with Woods, he hasn’t shown consistent performance at the receiver position.

With the slate of receivers in Tennessee now, and in the past, Brown believes he’s the best receiver ever to play in Tennessee.

Examining some of the past receivers Tennessee had throughout the years gives him merit.

However, he only spent three seasons with the Titans, meaning there’s not much data to go off of with him.

But with what he did in those three years, he’s proven to be one of their best receivers.

Compared to former Titans receivers like Derrick Mason and Nate Washington, Brown’s numbers were better.

With his receptions per game, yards per catch, and yards per target being better, it’s clear the Titans blew it with Brown.

However, the Titans felt they were better off spending less money for a receiver than keeping Brown around.