Portable Smartphone Camera Printers : Instax Mini Link 2

Japanese photography brand Fujifilm has unveiled yet another portable smartphone printer called the ‘Instax Mini Link 2.’ The new printer has been designed so users can connect it directly to their phones through Bluetooth, allowing them to instantaneously print any photo saved on their camera rolls.

In a sense, then, the device is able to transform any smartphone into an on-the-go instant camera similar to that of a Polaroid. The Instax Mini Link 2 builds on the first generation device by adding two new printing modes — Instax Natural and Instax Rich — both of which provide unique finishes to users’ final prints. Aside from the new modes, the updated version remains quite similar to the original Instax Mini Link. It even comes equipped with the same film and Instax mini format.

Image Credit: Fujifilm