3 Ways Doug Pederson Can Become A Hero In Jacksonville

(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)


The Jacksonville Jaguars franchise has been rebuilding for a couple of years now.

After having consecutive seasons were they finished last in the standings, they feel they have new life.

That new life comes from their new head coach, Doug Pederson.

The former Super Bowl winning coach comes to a franchise with young talent.

However, that talent was abused by the former coach of the Jaguars in 2021.

But now the team has a stable leader that doesn’t bring baggage to Jacksonville.

So with a new coach in Pederson, what three things can he do to make himself a hero in Jacksonville?


3. Work With His Players While Showing Them Respect

The Jaguars team has a colossal mess and image problem to clean up after having Urban Meyer as coach.

His actions of demeaning his players and abusing them has left a black eye on the franchise.

Because of him, the bar starts off pretty low for Pederson to be a hero.

However, most NFL coaches are tough on their players, just not to the degree Meyer was to his players.

Pederson knows how to walk the fine line of being tough but not disrespectful to his players.

As a former quarterback, he knows what players go through on the field each game.

Being a former player gives him insight into how things work on the other side.

It also gives him the tools he needs to do this second thing to make himself a hero in Jacksonville.


2. Use His Quarterback Skills To Help Trevor Lawrence Reach Superstardom

The future of the Jaguars rests on the arm of Trevor Lawrence.

As the number one pick from the 2021 NFL Draft, he’s the franchise QB in Jacksonville.

However, winning at the pro level is harder than winning college football games.

Good college programs can put together the best team every single year.

But it’s not that easy in the NFL for teams.

In Jacksonville, they have the tools in place to be successful with Lawrence and other top draft picks.

However, Pederson needs to work with his young quarterback to help him reach superstardom in Jacksonville.

As a former quarterback, he knows everything that there is and can teach it to his signal caller.

Doing this would make him a hero and help Lawrence as well.


1. Take The Jaguars Back To The Playoffs

The Jaguars haven’t seen the NFL playoffs since the 2017-18 NFL season.

During their miraculous season that year, they made it to the AFC Championship Game.

However, they would lose to the New England Patriots in a heartbreak that kept them out of the Super Bowl.

Strangely enough, that was the same season Pederson took the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl.

What the Jaguars want is for him to do the same with their team that he did in Philadelphia.

He can start with getting them back into the playoffs after a long drought.

By doing this, he’d be a hero for a Jacksonville team hungry to win a championship in the future.