Full-Size Mechanical Keyboards : keychron q5

Keychron announced its latest high-quality mechanical keyboard, the Keychron Q5. The Q5 is a 96% form factor keyboard, meaning it includes function keys, a numpad, and a number row, though it does not include dedicated keys for page up, page down, home, and a few others.

The Keychron Q5 has a heavyweight metal frame and a double-gasket design that result in it being a premium board that weighs nearly 8 pounds. The Q5 is customizable via QMK and VIA for lighting and key mapping, allowing users to personalize both their RGB and input functionality to their liking. Additionally, the keyboard is hot-swappable with PBT keycaps and forward-facing LEDs.

Keychron markets the Q5 as the ultimate keyboard for both workplace productivity and gaming performance as it is sturdy, reliable, and ultra-fast with a 1000 Hz polling rate. The board can be purchased complete, or barebones, and with or without RGB lighting, at Keychrons website for approximately $175 USD.

Image Credit: Keychron