5 crypto marketing agencies in 2022

Marketing in the cyber finance world is a unique type of advertising. So many factors influence the blockchain industry, from market volatility and innovation to community feedback. All of those factors pose a challenge that a good crypto marketing agency needs to overcome to produce an effective crypto marketing strategy.

Crypto projects crave good marketing, and agencies are flocking to take this weight off the shoulders of developers so that they can focus more on their products and services.

If you have a crypto project sprouting, below is the list of the five best crypto marketing agencies that will provide you with rock-solid suggestions to help accelerate your project’s growth rate.

Marketing and advertising crypto products: Top agencies

Driving growth for a blockchain-related product requires strategic planning and actions. Marketing agencies specialize in producing such strategies, from influencer marketing and community growth to digital marketing and social media channels.

Here are the five best crypto marketing platforms that perform above average in the most relevant aspects for a crypto project owner. Have a look at how you can best promote your crypto-related gig.

  1. CryptoPR – Overall top crypto marketing agency
  2. Coinbound – Best strategic campaigns
  3. ICODA – Most promo services on offer
  4. NinjaPromo – Most impressive marketing portfolio
  5. Coinzilla – Excellent platform for advertisers and publishers


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CryptoPR is a leading marketing company focused on crypto-related advertisements. The agency is based in London, where it develops numerous crypto marketing services. According to many, CryptoPR is the top choice if you wish to promote crypto and NFT projects on the biggest crypto news and influencer channels.

The company’s services include press releases on the most prominent crypto and finance news sites, NFT celebrity endorsement and shilling, banners, advertorials, sponsored table listings, and exposure on an international level. In addition, CryptoPR can get started with your project quickly. All you need to do is get in touch with a member of the team to speak about the budget, designs, and requirements. The agency will distribute your PR to professional journalists and reporters, after which you’ll enjoy guaranteed coverage. Depending on the urgency, CryptoPR can start publishing your content in a matter of hours.

Instead of providing an automated PR newswire service, the UK agency provides curated content and flexible services that can be customized according to your specific needs. Some of the high-profile clients of CryptoPR include Binance, eToro, Crypto.com, Cryptopia, and DeFi Coins. Although a typical campaign designed by CryptoPR typically lasts two weeks, the agency can also promote your project periodically over a 6-month period. Furthermore, a crypto influencer campaign can start with 1 tweet/mention.

One last thing to note: CryptoPR does not accept payments in native tokens. However, the agency is open to discussing performance-based bonuses in your nominated token.



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In their own words, Coinbound
“helps crypto brands go viral”. The company’s testimonial lists eToro, MetaMask, CoinStats, and Nexo as the companies that have grown, thanks to the marketing services provided by Coinbound. Admittedly, crypto, Web3, and blockchain brands can benefit from Coinbound’s hallmarks like influencer marketing, Twitter management, organic crypto coverage, Discord community building, SEO, and blog management.

Ty Daniel Smith established Coinbound in 2018, aiming to advance the business with innovative digital marketing strategies. Thanks to a network of content creators and influential figures, Coinbound has no issues promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain companies across the digital sphere.


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ICODA is another well-known crypto marketing agency with a professional team and immense knowledge about the blockchain industry. The list of services ICODA provides is a long one, including analytical reviews, white paper development, video production, blockchain consulting, Twitter and YouTube influencers, and help with scoring on crypto ranking platforms like CoinMarketCap.

The ICODA team collaborates with 300+ resources and has offices in several locations, including Tokyo, Valencia and Tel-Aviv. The agency has developed a business model that gets down to the brass tacks of every project. For example, if you wish to promote a DeFi project, ICODA will first create a market-competitive analysis and then set up the case from concept to development. Finally, you’ll have a choice of marketing services. ICODA can do a company blog, PR packages, SMM, presence on review sites, referral marketing, and SERM.


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NinjaPromo has a professional social media marketing approach when tackling marketing strategies. The company offers a range of marketing solutions, starting with building organic connections through effective social media methodology. The list goes on with SEO, paid ads, influencer marketing, email campaigns, customized media relations strategies, and branding.

As an award-winning agency, NinjaPromo boasts many success stories with brands like Bitforex, EasySwap, Bit5ive, NDAX, several fashion brands, and other interesting clients. Admittedly, Bitforex achieved 85,000+ new followers on social media, 40,000+ new traders, and over two million organic impressions monthly after working with NinjaPromo. The entire portfolio contains more than 290 projects that NinjaPromo created content for.


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Coinzilla is not a marketing agency per se. However, it is an advertising network focused on finance and cryptocurrency, featuring various partner websites that create efficient PR plans. The Coinzilla platform was developed by Sevio, a company dedicated to developing advanced advertising solutions through ground-breaking technologies.

The Coinzilla network carefully selects publishers allowed to join the platform and helps advertisers grow their businesses by displaying ads directly on publisher websites. Since the project’s release in 2016, Coinzilla has delivered over 16,000 campaigns.

Hiring Coinzilla means their team will create unique press releases according to your specifications, delivering them to crypto partner websites for publication. They claim to do it 70% faster than your typical crypto marketing agency. Conzilla’s live updates help you monitor all the promo operations and measure your impact. In the unlikely case of a failed publication, clients receive a refund.

Why Bother Hiring a Crypto Marketing Agency in 2022?

The answer is simple. Top crypto marketing agencies employ experts in the blockchain marketing industry. They know the best ways to help ICOs, NFT projects, and DeFi projects grow quickly and organically with proper strategy. Due to tight competition, any new project needs exquisite marketing in order to ensure exposure and entice people. Crypto marketing agencies understand their clients and how to navigate different platforms and social channels.

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The agencies listed above have expertise in crypto, meaning they can provide a more focused campaign for your project and ensure the service strategically aligns with your overall goals. Hiring a good marketing agency can also save you time and money. Any remaining savings can go into your project’s further growth, whereas the accelerated and intensified presence on the market will ensure your company has leverage over the competition.


Today, there are many crypto marketing agencies, each with a different level of experience and crypto mastery. Therefore, it may not be easy to identify your specific needs and select a crypto marketing agency that can best answer your goals.

If you don’t know what to ask from an agency, stick with full-service cryptocurrency marketing agencies like CryptoPR. This agency has perfected pitching, crafting and publishing press releases, so perhaps you can start there. Once the initial buzz has been created, your crypto-related venture will quickly gain the traction it needs to succeed. With continuous help from a top-tier agency you choose to cooperate with, you can now create new opportunities for your digital business to thrive.


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