Blockchain Racing Games : nu radio

The renowned digital artist ‘Oseanworld’ teamed up with the trailblazing web3 platform ‘REALM’ to create an open-world racing game named ‘NU RADIO.’ NU RADIO will be placed on the blockchain, allowing users to engage in a play-to-earn model with integrations such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Oseanworld stated that he partnered with REALM because the company understood his vision, even saying that “They encouraged all of my ideas and let me to build with complete creative control and freedom.” This was important to Oseanworld both as an artist and as a visionary for the look and feel of the 3D world he wanted to create.

NU WORLD will debut on mobile devices, though a release for PC and VR devices will come soon after. REALM described the game as a “decentralized, mobile-first” platform, which it intends to use to bring millions of players into the world of web3 gaming.

Image Credit: REALM