Personality-Based Digital Avatars : Ready Player Me 1

Sportswear giant adidas has announced the launch of Ready Player Me, the “world’s first” personality-based avatar creation tool powered by artificial intelligence technology. The new tool will be offered through the brand’s own Ozworld experience — a metaverse-like world where users can engage with the brand in interactive ways — as well as on other metaverse platforms.

According to adidas, the Ozworld experience seeks to champion individuality over just physical appearance. As a result, the platform requires that its users answer of variety of personality-based questions, from which it will produce a custom avatar. Of course, the avatars will vary widely depending on each user’s responses.

In addition, by taking a personality-first approach, ‘Ready Player Me’ aligns with the themes of Ozworld’s first shoe collection, which focuses on self-expression and style experimentation.

Image Credit: adidas