Sonya Deville refuses to comment on controversial Florida law

WWE Superstar Sonya Deville has refused to make any political comment on a controversial Florida law.

Deville is one of WWE’s only LGBTQ+ on-air talents, and is one of the company’s most vocal ambassadors for the rights of the LGBTQ community. She recently marched in the Los Angeles Pride Parade alongside her partner, and was chosen to officially announce the WWE Together campaign. The charitable cause wa started by Vince McMahon’s company with a focus on the LGBT+ community.

During a recent interview with Forbes, the former on-screen WWE Official was asked for her opinion on a controversial law enforced in the state of Florida. The “Don’t Say Gay” law is believed by activist groups to stigmatise being gay or transgender. When asked about the law, Deville simply stated her support for equal rights and being who you are.

“I obviously believe in equality,” Deville said. ”I accept everyone as they are, who they are, how they identify. And I think that everyone should be welcome in a conversation about who we are should never be frowned upon.”

What has Sonya Deville been up to on WWE TV?

Sonya Deville was recently engaged in a brief feud and a pair of subsequent title matches with RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. She was then subsequently removed from her on-screen position of authority in WWE.

Since then, she has gone on to take back-to-back defeats from Alexa Bliss, and was seen slapping Carmella and Queen Zelina. Deville has not been seen on WWE TV for a number of weeks, with a lot of her recent duties for the company coming in an ambassador role.

It will be interesting to see what comes next for Sonya Deville in WWE. You can read more about her by clicking right here.

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