Harsh Goenka Shares Elon Musk’s Old Video With “Never Give Up” Message

Mr Goenka keeps sharing interesting content on his Twitter account.

Businessman Harsh Goenka, the chairman of Rama Prasad Group, never misses a chance to motivate his fans on social media.

On Monday, he shared a short clip of Elon Musk’s old interview with caption, “Why Elon Musk succeeds….”

In the 15-second clip, the interviewer can be heard asking the Tesla CEO, “you had that third failure in a row, do you think I have to pack this in?”

The CEO’s reply is one of the best motivations to individuals who lose their hope after trying hard in life.

He replies, “Never, I don’t ever give up. I mean, I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated to give up.”

The post has received over 19,000 views and more than 700 likes in just one day.

Users praised the inspiring content of the video and left heartfelt comments.

“Words of a Warrier, who never gives up, fights till the last. Such strong words, expressions were awesome Sir,” a user wrote.

While another said, “The tears of pain in his eyes. His pain threshold is too high, thats why he is Mr Musk!”

Mr Goenka keeps sharing interesting content on his Twitter account, which amuses his followers. In one of the recent posts, he stressed on the importance of not wasting food.

“In industrialised regions, almost half of the total food squandered, around 300 million tonnes annually, occurs because producers, retailers and consumers discard food that is still fit for consumption. Let’s all do something about it….” his post said.

The post was shared on June 7 on Twitter and received over 1,240 likes. More than 200 users re-tweeted the post.