Newsmax Genius Greg Kelly Attacks Actual American Hero Caroline Edwards

Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards bravely faced down Donald Trump’s vicious mob on January 6. When Wonkette covered her gut-wrenching testimony before the House January 6 Select Committee hearings Thursday, we wondered, “My God, how can Republicans possibly attack this woman? They can’t … well, they can. But it’s appalling.”

Predictably, just a day later, the appalling Newsmax host Greg Kelly gleefully smeared Edwards without remorse. If you believed rightwing racists would go easy on Edwards because she’s a young blonde white woman, well Kelly saw through your clever ruse.

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KELLY: They think, well, we’ll bring in cops. They can’t attack cops. Well, we’ll bring in an attractive blonde. I mean, it’s a woman.

Kelly might’ve preferred if all the cops Trump’s mob attacked looked like a gross mix of Charlie Kirk and JD Vance’s beard, but it’s not Edwards’s fault that she’s an actual human being. He claimed Edwards “comes off as somebody with a chip on her shoulder” and that her testimony was “self-aggrandizing.” She apparently lacks the humility of your average Newsmax TV host.

Just so you never forget, here’s a clip of Edwards describing how she was knocked unconscious during the attempted coup.

Kelly’s response was repulsive and inhuman.

KELLY: Okay, in other words, you fell. You had a fall. Gotcha. That’s a line-of-duty injury as well.

Edwards suffered a concussion when she cracked her head on the Capitol steps. Even with a traumatic brain injury, she got up and prevented other insurrectionists from entering the Capitol building. The injuries she sustained have had such long-term effects as vertigo, slurred speech, and fainting spells.

She didn’t just fall, asshole.

But Kelly hadn’t reached the full extent of his grossness.

KELLY: A couple of hundred yards from you, Ashli Babbitt was being dragged backwards out of the Capitol as she was bleeding out, shot by one of your fellow officers, even though she was unarmed. Posed no threat to anyone. Ok? But you bumped your head. Got it. Got it. We got it.

Ashli Babbitt was shot while trying to climb through a broken window and illegally enter the Capitol. She ignored repeated orders to stop from officers who had barricaded the doors, usually a subtle hint that unhinged visitors aren’t welcome. More than 200 of her fellow seditionists were charged with felony obstruction of Congress.

Babbitt was part of a violent mob that was itself a weapon. Cops were almost beaten to death. Kelly is delusional when he suggests that Babbitt “posed no threat to anyone.” Her shooting met the most basic legal threshold for use of deadly force.

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Thursday, Rep. Liz Cheney told her Republican colleagues: “There will come a day that Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.” I’m not inclined to believe that Republicans were ever honorable, but I do think the party has collectively abandoned any pretense of decency. Trump’s GOP has “turned every value into worthlessness, every truth into a lie, and every integrity into baseness of soul.”

Republicans now defend the indefensible without a shred of shame. This includes dismissing a violent assault on the very cops they once embraced. The Capitol rioters weren’t Black so it doesn’t matter if Edwards is an attractive, white woman. Babbitt’s inherent right as a white woman to do whatever the hell she wants without consequence trumps any cop’s authority to tell her no. Edwards betrayed MAGA’s desired racial hierarchy. She’s no longer part of the club.


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