Quick-Charge EV Batteries : EV battery

One of the biggest hurdles for electric vehicles is charging speed, which is something Enovix is currently taking on with its next-generation EV battery design. The brand has developed silicon-based battery technology that’s capable of being charged to 98% in 10-minutes, which would dramatically reduce the need for lengthy pitstops. The EV battery was demonstrated to charge from zero to 80% in just 5.2-minutes and is reportedly capable of enduring more than 1,000 power cycles with a 93% capacity retention.

Co-Founder, CEO and President of Enovix Harrold Rust commented on the new technology saying, “EV manufacturers are in pursuit of batteries that support longer range, while the public and private sectors work to increase EV driver access to fast chargers. We’re proud to support these goals to help electrify the automotive industry and demonstrate our batteries are an exciting option to power long-range, fast-charging EVs.”

Image Credit: Depositphotos