Temperature-Regulating Pillows : 37.5 Pillow

Canadian mattress and bedding retailer Sleep Country has teamed up with 37.5 Technology, a material technology supplier specializing in cutting-edge thermoregulation products, to launch the ‘37.5 Pillow.’

As its name suggests, 37.5 Technology’s signature product has been designed to maintain the ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius. In the case of bedding, the tech accomplishes this by wading off humidity and moisture when users are too hot, and leveraging its built-in active particles to warm them up when they’re too cold.

With 37.5 Pillow, the company’s patented technology is incorporated directly into the fiber composition of the pillow. Because of this, it uses a sleeper’s own infrared energy to rapidly draw water vapor off their skin before it has time to condense into liquid moisture. The diffusion of this water vapor creates a cooling effect, eliminating a key source of discomfort, odor and bacteria.

What’s more, the shell of the pillow is made from a blend of 300 thread count cotton and 37.5 fibers, while its fill consists of 37.5 and Loftelle down alternative fibers.

Image Credit: Sleep Country