Steph Curry Defends Wife Ayesha Curry Against Haters With Hilarious Shirt

Stephen Curry is letting critics know not to mess with his wife.

On Monday, the all-star stood up for his wife by wearing a T-shirt that read “Ayesha Curry CAN cook.”

Curry sported the endearing shirt during his postgame press conference after the Golden State Warriors conquered the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the 2022 NBA Finals in San Francisco, California.

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors walks to the press conference after Game Five of the 2022 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics on June 13.

Noah Graham via Getty Images

The NBA star’s eye-catching fashion choice appeared to be a jab at a Boston bar that took shots at the cookbook author by showcasing a sign outside its building last week that said, “Ayesha Curry Cant Cook.”

Game On!, a bar near Fenway Park, also fired off another trolling message about Curry’s family with a displayed sign that read, “Duece Tatum > Riley Curry,” a nod toward the son of Celtics player Jayson Tatum.

The incorrectly spelled sign (his name is actually spelled Deuce) said that Tatum’s son was greater than Curry’s daughter.

Although Curry made his dislike for the diss clear with his shirt choice, he didn’t have much to add about his fashion statement, allowing the shirt to speak for itself.

When a reporter asked him about the meaning behind his top, Curry evaded the question and replied: “You got to ask around the room and ask Twitter.”

Ayesha and Stephen Curry have been married for over a decade. The mother of three launched her successful culinary career in 2014.

Stephen Curry currently holds three championship titles and multiple MVP awards with the Warriors. The point guard racked up 16 points against Boston in Monday’s victory for the team.