Easy-to-Use Smart Locks : Switchbot

SwitchBot is the most straightforward smart lock to use on the market. This product completes installation in mere seconds with just one touch. The device does not require refitting and is compatible with every door. It is incredibly sturdy and has passed 50,000 unlocking/locking tests.

SwitchBot features eight different unlocking methods, with the main one being the SwitchBot mobile app control. The lock is compatible with Apple Watches NFC Tags, Google Home, and Clova. If none of your devices are present, doors are easily unlocked via fingerprint or the SwitchBot keypad.

The company began releasing models to the public on June 8, promising buyers at least five years of sustainability. Interested readers can learn more about this easy-to-set-up smart lock on the SwitchBot website.

Image Credit: Switchbot lock