Cutting-Edge Party Tables : Meeda

Meeda is the ultimate next-generation indoor/outdoor smart table that acts as a cooler. The table features a cooler inside, NFC Chargers, 4 USB entries, solar charging devices, light controls, and Bluetooth,

Meeda is perfect for camping or outdoor beach or camping activities. Due to its sophisticated design, the table can withstand different weather conditions, including rain and snow. The product comes with adjustable legs that make it easy and safe to use on solid grounds, including indoor home floors.

Meeda lets you quickly charge your phone, laptop, and other devices with its wireless and high-speed USB capabilities that leave your table cord-free. Its built-in cooler is perfect for keeping food and beverages close to you at all times. It’s Bluetooth functions top off its unique features and cement why this table is necessary when having guests over.

Image Credit: Meeda