How the ‘MAGA Squad’ Is Building Power

Molly Ball: “Torching the news cycle is what Gaetz and Greene love to do. They are constantly in the headlines for their attention-getting antics, outrages and feuds. The pair have defended the Jan. 6 rioters, promoted countless conspiracy theories, hobnobbed with white nationalists and picked fights with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Their own Republican colleagues have called them ‘unserious,’ clowns, bigots, and worse…”

“Gaetz and Greene are the ringleaders of the GOP’s most hard-core, pro-Trump congressional faction. The MAGA Squad, as you might call them, is not a formal caucus, but its numbers are growing—despite the impending departure of one prominent member, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who lost his North Carolina primary after scandals ranging from insider-trading allegations to lewd videos.”

“The MAGA Squad has spent the past year building their power, and now they’re preparing to wield it. If Kevin McCarthy—or any other Republican—wants to be Speaker, he’s going to have to go through them.”

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