‘ARGLE BARGLE RAR!’ Jake Paul lists each and every one of Biden’s ‘accomplishments’ in BRUTAL tweet and the Left just can’t deal

Jake Paul took it upon himself to put together a tweet listing Joe Biden’s accomplishments. Hey, it’s more than any of Biden’s supporters have bothered to do – any time we ask them to list any of his accomplishments we just get, ‘BUT TRUMP, REEEEEEEEEE, ARGLE BARGLE RAAAAAAACISM.’

Granted, we wouldn’t exactly call Jake’s list good accomplishments, but still …

We can think of a few more:

Crisis at the southern border.

Americans still stranded in Afghanistan.

Arming the Taliban.

COVID deaths.

Disastrous jobs reports (we still aren’t back to the level of employment we were seeing pre-pandemic).

Only so many ‘characters’ allowed in a tweet, we get it.


The screeching on this tweet is impressive even to us lowly Twitchy editors who spend a lot of time writing about screeching.

Truth hurts about Biden … we know.



So mad.

All of this being said, there are PLENTY of people who agree with him.

Let’s go Brandon.



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