How To Avoid Plotting Coups When You’re Apparently Intoxicated. Tabs, Tues., June 14, 2022

Kate Shaw explains how the Electoral College incentivized Donald Trump’s coup efforts. (The Atlantic)

It also seems likely that the very existence of the Electoral College made the public more susceptible to Trump’s efforts to subvert democracy—or at least lulled the public for a time into believing there was nothing wildly wrong with a process in which a defeated candidate exploited pressure points in an attempt to cling to power. Americans are, after all, acclimated to an undemocratic system of presidential selection; perhaps that primed the public to respond in muted ways to Trump’s blatantly antidemocratic moves.

Trump seems to have committed all the crimes. (CNN)

How Senator Dianne Feinstein represents the dangers of a gerentocracy. (The Nation)

Kaitlin Byrd on the damage to society when white men set the standards of “normalcy.” (Dame)

I had whale toast once in Bergen, Norway. Whale smells like seafood while having the texture and appearance of red meat. (Twitter)

Americans have never felt this lousy about the economy. This is probably when my family should pull a von Trapp and flee the country. (Business Insider)

This is just a gutting article about how some people treat their fellow human beings who make their lives possible. (Washington Post)

Even rich people who light cigars with $100 bills are expressing some reticence about current housing prices. (Wall Street Journal)

Over the past 50 years, the racial home ownership gap between Black and white Coloradans has only widened. (Colorado Sun)

Oregon cops are investigating a “suspicious” fire at a pregnancy resource center in Gresham. (The Daily Beast)

Here’s a handy guide explaining the differences between white insurrectionists and Black protesters. (The Grio)

Celebrating 100 years of Judy Garland. (Variety)

Hey, it’s your Sunday show scribe Michael Mora and me discussing Star Wars! And yes, it gets political at times. We can’t help ourselves.

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