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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has prompted the worst informational environment ever. We hope readers will collaborate in mitigating the fog of war — both real fog and stage fog — in comments. None of us need more cheerleading and link-free repetition of memes; there are platforms for that. Low-value, link-free pom pom-wavers will be summarily whacked.

And for those who are new here, this is not a mere polite request. We have written site Policies and those who comment have accepted those terms. To prevent having to resort to the nuclear option of shutting comments down entirely until more sanity prevails, as we did during the 2015 Greek bailout negotiations and shortly after the 2020 election, we are going to be ruthless about moderating and blacklisting offenders.


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Woman Captures Hilarious Moment a Turtle Climbs Log and Causes Other Turtles To Fall My Modern Met (David L)

Space telescope spots unexpected starquakes CNN (Kevin W)

Chicken farmers in Thailand swap antibiotics for cannabis, claim chickens have better meat Malay Mail (furzy)

Harvard Scientists Have Developed a Revolutionary New Treatment for Diabetes SciTech Daily (furzy)



This Covid wave might be the start of our ‘new normal,’ experts say CNBC. People who write articles like this should be made to clean bedpans or break rocks as their punishment for being such hazards to health and welfare. BA.5, coming to you soon, looks to be as contagious as Omicron but much nastier to the lungs. Unlike Omicron, it looks to require TMPRSS2 receptors. If so, it will attack the lungs and you will again see hospitals with patients coughing up their lungs. As GM explained in January:

So the thing about Omicron is that it replicates better than previous variants in cells that have high ACE2.

Previously it needed ACE2+TMPRSS2.

Now it needs just ACE2.

A quirk of that is that it now replicates worse in cells that have low ACE2 and high TMPRSS2.

Which happen to be the alveoli.

So you don’t get as much really brutal ARDS (though you still get plenty of it).


Sir Mick Jagger tests positive for Covid BBC


Biden’s vaccinated and boosted Health Secretary Xavier Becerra gets COVID for the second time in THREE WEEKS and is ‘having mild symptoms’ Daily Mail. Um, it’s pretty much always mild at the start (when not asymptomatic). Note naive computation of long Covid odds (charitably assuming you are not more likely to get it on a reinfection). Remember immunity wanes and we keep getting new variants. If 1 in 10 cases get long Covid, odds of getting it after 3 infections is 27%. If it’s 2 in 10, the odds after 3 infections are 49%. Wear your mask, and make it a good one!


What a Dying Lake Says About the Future New York Times (David L)

Shocking video shows Guatemala beach covered in plastic waste Flipboard (Kevin W)

Extreme weather, climate events may lead to increase in violence towards women, girls, and sexual and gender minorities PhysOrg (Dr. Kevin)

Superintendent: All of Yellowstone will be evacuated, Gardiner is ‘isolated’ Jackson Hole News & Guide. Amazing photos. From a reader who knows the area:

The bridge to Gardiner MT is wiped out – there is a video of that all over Twitter right now which is an amazing sight. That is in the NW part of the park – and near Bozeman MT. Gardiner is now apparently isolated from traffic in and out. There are no roads. That is where the vast majority of people fly into to visit the park. There is another way in – but it is a very long drive around to West Yellowstone. The Jackson Hole airport is currently closed to flights because they are redoing the runways. I am not sure how long it will take to repair that area. The road from Cody to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is currently impassable. But that appears to be not in horrible shape. The Beartooth Pass is open up to Red Lodge Montana – but the roads getting to the pass are currently impassable. The road from the Tetons into the Southern Entrance and Old Faithful is covered in mud – but I hear of no damage. So that should be open soon. Mainly affecting the northern part of the park and the main gateway by air – Bozeman – is severely restricted.

Total astonishment here. This is going to take a long time to fix – and may very well impact the entire rest of the summer here. I just do not see how they fix some of these roads in any kind of time. The damage looks pretty severe on the videos. There is about a 3-4 month season here when these roads can be built or maintained because of the snow – and currently work crews are in extreme demand and just not available.


Quad, BRICS and the battle to seduce India Asia Times (Kevin W)

Thousands of sheep drown as Sudan ship sinks France24. Resilc:

My most memorable Peace Corps Bahrain assignment was on a screw worm culling team for the arrival of a ship like this for an EID. I still have PTSD from the smell. Screw worms are just the worst.

Bolivia sentences ex-president to 10 years in prison after coup trial Washington Post. Micael T:

1) nice to see fascists in prison. More of this please
2) the really go out if their way to not call the coup a coup and the massacre-fomenting fascist a fascist.


‘Bureaucratic simplifications’, Britain to defy EU with new N.Ireland law Reuters (resilc)

EU poised to take legal action against UK over Northern Ireland protocol bill Guardian (Kevin W)

New Not-So-Cold War

“It’s a very dangerous situation. We are dealing with a super power” Douglas MacGregor YouTube. Today’s must listen. MacGregor strongly urges everyone to call their Congress critter and tell them in no uncertain terms to oppose the AUMF proposed by Representative Adam Kinzinger (more detail from Andrei Martyanov). MacGregor stresses that calls from ordinary voters worked in the Obama administration to stop a bombing campaign in Syria. Make the calls and urge friends and family to do so.

Next 100 Days of Ukraine War Indian Punchback (J-LS)

Sitrep Operation Z: The Great WalkBack The Saker (Chuck L)

Military briefing: which weapons has Ukraine received and how many more does it need? Financial Times

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Building a Lasting Settlement for Ukraine National Interest. Less unrealistic than most other proposals to date, but Ukraine not agreeing to neutrality is a non-starter. Ukraine was NATO-lite before the war started and look what that produced.

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Are Sanctions Hurting Russia? American Conservative (Kevin W). See at least the subhead: “Russian businessmen view sanctions as manageable and even a blessing in disguise.” But the US can’t manage reshoring.

The U.S. is still importing Russian oil despite the ban, report says Fast Company

Russia-Ukraine War LIVE: US Extends Sanctions Against Russia’s Top Ally Belarus RepublicWorld (J-LS)

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Nato chief says he had ‘no reason to believe’ Turkey would block Nordic membership Financial Times. Lordie. This is not just an insult to intelligence but a big time insult to Erdogan, as in continuing to refuse to believe Turkey has interests and will act on them. Oh, and as we also keep saying, is the most important member of NATO by virtue of its location and having its second largest armed forces, yet keeps being treated as a second class citizen because not white and Christian.


Why Are Democrats, Rinos and the FBI Hanging Out with Ukrainians? Larry Johnson (Chuck L)


Intellectual Prostitutes Call Critics Foreign Agents, Useful Idiots Dissident Voice

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Facial Recognition Is Out of Control in India Vice (Kevin W)

Boston transit agency to try urine sensors on elevators TechXplore (Dr. Kevin)


Trump slams Capitol riot probe as ‘Kangaroo Court’ BBC

The 14 most compelling lines from today’s January 6 committee hearing CNN (furzy)

Five takeaways: Trump aides describe chaotic post-election White House The Hill


The Junior President from the State of Delaware CounterPunch

WH press secretary LAUGHS as she shuts down a CNN question about Biden’s physical and mental stamina Daily Mail (J-LS)

It’s Not Easy Being President New York Times. Resilc: “It’s not for 70-80 year old men or women.”

GOP Clown Car

Dr. Oz vows to “end illegal immigration” while family biz faced historical fine for undocumented workers Boing Boing (resilc)

Bernie Sanders skewers Republican critic of ‘full-on socialism’ in Fox debate Guardian (resilc). Of course, you’ll never see Sanders debate a Dem opposed to “full-on socialism” on CNN.


Supreme Court Tortures the Constitution Again Future of Freedom Foundation (guurst). Revealing, in not a good way, that it’s a hard core right wing site that makes a stink about the Supreme Court letting the CIA keep details of the torture of a Palestinian mistaken for an al Quaeda big fish secret.

If abortion is made a crime, will Microsoft, Amazon and other big data players cooperate with police? TechXplore (Dr. Kevin)

Supply Chain/Inflation

Fed To Plow Ahead On Half-Point Hikes Undeterred By Stock SlumpWall Street’s Favorite Recession Signal Is Back as Curves Invert Bloomberg

Biofuel Blending Mandates Are Inflationary and Aren’t Necessarily Cleaner Bloomberg (resilc)

One in Six Germans Forced to Skip Meals Thanks to Food Price Crunch: Survey Sputnik. From a few days ago, re-reporting a survey published in Bild.

Global YoY inflation Barry Ritholtz (resilc)

Calpers Is Betting That Private Markets Can Help It Navigate Market Volatility Wall Street Journal (Kevin W). The stoopid, it burns.

Bitcoin Slumps as Much as 10% in Deepening Crypto Sector Selloff Bloomberg

This Is One of the Worst Trading Days in the History of Cryptocurrency Observer (David L)

Class Warfare

To Fight Inflation, The Fed Declares War On Workers The Lever. A well-worn playbook.

Manufacturing’s Back Is to the Wall on the Skilled Labor Shortage Industry Week (fk)

Should we save capitalism? | Slavoj Žižek, Paul Krugman, Yanis Varoufakis, Shoshana Zuboff, and more iai video

From bob:

This RR bridge has been hit hundreds of times. No one wants to fix it. Lots of excuses.

Now, an Amazon truck got stuck under it after Amazon built a warehouse nearby.

Let’s see who gets action, 4 dead people on a bus or an amazon wearhouse. To be fair, the local government paid Amazon $71 million for the warehouse.

Antidote du jour. mgl: “Kitty sleeping on Colmar, France window sill, 2012.”

And a bonus:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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