Tomb Discovered At UNESCO World heritage Site In Israel With “Do Not Open” Warning

This is the first tomb discovered at a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 65 years

A tomb with a warning written in blood red text, which warns against opening it, has been discovered in Israel.

The news is gaining traction on social media since the time the images of the tomb surfaced online. The tomb has been found by the archeologists in a recently discovered cave within an old cemetery in Jewish Beit She’arim cemetery in the Galilee.

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According to experts, this is the first tomb discovered at a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 65 years.

The text on the grave marker is in Hebrew, which according to Times of Israel states, “Jacob (Iokobos) the convert swears upon himself that any who open this grave will be cursed.”

An image of the grave marker was shared by the official account of Israel on Twitter on June 8 with the caption: “Things you shouldn’t open: – Pandora’s Box – An umbrella indoors – Ancient graves. An 1,800-year-old grave marker for a Jewish man named Jacob the Convert was recently discovered in the Galilee. The marker included an inscription warning people against opening the grave.”

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The report piqued social media users’ curiosity who posted interesting comments on Twitter.

“Israel is where past, present, and future are all living,” wrote a user. “Other things you shouldn’t open: borders to jews,” another tweeted.

The marker was discovered last year but published in a joint press release from the University of Haifa and the Israel Antiquities Authority, according to Times of Israel. The outlet also spoke to IAA head Eli Eskosido, who said that the inscription belongs to late Roman or early Byzantine period.