What’s The Difference Between A Drunk And Sober Rudy? Trevor Noah Needs To Know.

Trevor Noah mocked Rudy Giuliani on “The Daily Show” Monday for having the “liquid courage” to instruct former President Donald Trump to simply claim he won the presidency on election night — long before all the votes were even counted.

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection made a point of mentioning at its hearing Monday that Giuliani was “apparently inebriated,” “intoxicated” and “had too much to drink” that night.

“I’m just curious about how you even know when Rudy Giuliani is drunk?” Noah asked. “No, because when a normal person is drunk, they say crazy things, they yell, they sweat a lot. So how does that work for Rudy? Does it work in reverse? Like does he start talking normally? His hair dye sucks back in his hair?”

Noah was also shocked to learn that Trump coordinated the insurrection, as the Jan. 6 panel is arguing, because he didn’t think Trump could “coordinate anything in advance.”

“The man can’t even plan where a sentence should end,” Noah said.

Watch the full monologue here: