Full-Size Electric SUVs : chevrolet blazer

Chevrolet announced its newest foray into the electric vehicle industry with the ‘Chevrolet Blazer.’ The Blazer is a full-size SUV with four doors, eight seats, and a spacious trunk. The car has intricate design stylings on its side doors and hood with subtle bumps and ridges that allow light to refract off of the car to accentuate its form.

The grille and rims are inspired by other iconic Chevrolet vehicles such as the Camaro and the Bolt. The automaker did not yet release performance specifications for the Blazer, as it is hosting a full release event for the vehicle. This event will take place on July 18th where it will showcase the finalized production model for the vehicle. The Blazer is expected to release during the Spring of 2023.

Image Credit: Chevrolet