Mike Trout Reveals A Wholesome Gift For His Son

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


Collecting baseball cards is one of the most fascinating hobbies a fan can have.

There is something magical about baseball cards: they have a different aura, often taking us to other times and eras; and allowing us to fall in love with statistics.

Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout, quite likely the best player of our generation, likes to collect cards.

Speaking with the media while in the dugout, Trout spoke at length about his passion for baseball cards and the gift he is putting together for his son.

“Mike Trout on Sunday Night Baseball talking about collecting his own cards for his son, Beckham. Says he has a binder for him when he gets older. Great stuff!,” David Grzybowski tweeted.


Trout Is Preparing A Pretty Nice Gift For His Young Son

Young Beckham will have a pretty nice present when he is a bit older.

Right now, he is about to turn two in July, so he doesn’t really understand it, but he will when he gets older: his father is putting together a nice binder with his own cards.

It’s a nice way for Beckham to get an idea just how big his father was playing the game he loves.

It’s also a special way for father and son to bond over baseball: the perfect excuse!

Trout has had an incredible career, and when it’s time to move on, he wants his child to see how much he achieved against the best baseball players in the world.

Trout probably wants his son to be proud of his father, and this is a really nice way to accomplish that.