Jared Anderson: American heavyweight sensation eyes UK bout after recovery from injury | Boxing News

Jared Anderson, a new sensation in the heavyweight division and a key sparring partner for Tyson Fury, expects to return from injury in the summer before the young American looks to “take over” in the UK.

A rising American star, Jared Anderson is recovering well. With a date being lined up for him to box in August, his promoter is also hoping to bring him to fight in Britain.

One of the key sparring partners for WBC champion Tyson Fury, the 22-year-old prospect is highly regarded in the industry. Eleven contests into his pro career, he has won every one of his bouts so far inside the distance.

Todd DuBoef, president of Top Rank, Anderson’s promoters, told Sky Sports, “He’s young, he’s got charisma, he’s got a lot of it. He’s got incredible athletic ability. So he’s one of those guys that you put on your radar screen and you say, ‘Let’s see where this goes.’ Because he could be something special.”

His injury is mending well. “But he’s still young and whenever guys come off injuries you never know what’s going to happen,” DuBoef added. “Jared, he’s going to have a quick recovery and he’ll be back in action this coming August.”

Jared Anderson knocks down Oleksandr Teslenko during their fight at Madison Square Garden in December

Eventually, Top Rank hope to bring the young heavyweight to box in Britain

“I think without a doubt,” DuBoef said. “Where you’re talking about a heavyweight-rich country, where the UK has had some wonderful heavyweights that are still fighting there, you can have some great matches and we believe that just amplifies the overall process of building a fighter.

“He’s starting to get some traction and build a following here [in the US]. I think his big Madison Square Garden entrance, with the top hat and the swagger, went over great. I think he could take over the UK pretty quickly.”