Restaurant-Honoring Delivery Apps : doordash most loved

DoorDash announced the release of the DoorDash Most Loved program alongside several restaurant-honoring features. The DoorDash Most Loved program allows restaurants and individual menu items alike to receive ‘Most Loved’ stars from customers for being ordered frequently or for receiving positive reviews.

The Most Loved stars are generated automatically based on data that DoorDash collected over the past year. In addition to labeling these restaurants and menu items, the company launched the ‘Top 100 Most Loved All Star Restaurants’ list. This list showcases the top restaurants across the United States according to real metrics collected from its platform. This means that the each restaurant on the list genuinely earned its place.

Lastly, the food delivery platform launched a new system that allows users to write more detailed reviews, whereas before the platform only allowed for customers to “Like” restaurants.

Image Credit: Shutterstock