Millionaire x 20 Stan Van Gundy SHAMES the poors for caring more about #Bidenflation than they do the Viking horns guy taking selfies in the Capitol

We’ve lost count of the number of wealthy people looking down their noses at everyday Americans who are more concerned about inflation, gas prices, and their crumbling 401ks than they are about the Liz Cheney circus aka the January 6th Committee Hearings.

Tell us you’re completely out of touch without actually telling us you’re completely out of touch.


Gosh, Stan, must be nice not to have to worry about such things.

Oh, and he tried to defend his point.


He only made things worse for himself.

Woof, this Van Gundy guy sucks at Twitter. Seriously.

Because they voted for Biden and they know deep down all of this is on them as well.

So it’s much easier to shriek and whine about OUR DEMOCRACY than it is to accept responsibility for the mess they were conned into creating.

Fair point.

Guess we really don’t.



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