Rudy Giuliani Denies He Was Drunk on Election Night

Rudy Giuliani denied he was drunk when he advised the former president to prematurely declare a 2020 re-election victory before results were final, USA Today reports.

Said Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello: “Mayor Giuliani denies the allegation. Talk to other people that were there that night and they will corroborate the Mayor. You might be interested to know that the Select Committee staff counsel never inquired about this subject. I wonder why? They never asked whether he had a single drink. No discussion whatsoever.”

Giuliani also appeared on Steve Bannon’s podcast: “It’s the same cast of characters, in Bennie Thompson, shifty Schiff, and you see Swalwell – not on the committee, but in the background; now, the completely hysterical Mary [sic] Cheney, who’s gone off her deep end.”

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